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  • Are your macarons gluten-free?
    Yes, all of our flavors are now 100% gluten-free!
  • Do macarons contain dairy?
    Yes, most of our fillings contain some form of dairy, however, we do have dairy-free options, including vegan. They will be noted on the flavor page.
  • Do macarons contain nuts?
    Our macarons contain tree nuts (almonds); they may also contain pistachios, peanuts, macadamias, or other nuts. People with nut allergies should avoid our products.
  • How long will my macarons last?
    For best results, you can store your macarons in the refrigerator for 5-7 days, or freeze them in an airtight container for one month. Just be sure to bring them to room temperature before eating.
  • How and where are the macarons made?
    Our macarons are handmade in our commercial kitchen located in Bellmore, New York. Since we make everything by hand, there may be slight variations in size and color. ​
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