Our Flavors 

All of Our Flavors this Month are GLUTEN FREE. For information on our ingredients, download the PDF here: 

(GF)= Gluten-Free  (V)= Vegan (DF)= Dairy Free 

Signature FlaVors 

Chocolate Hazelnut (GF)

Cafe Mocha (GF)

Chocolate PB (GF)

Birthday Cake (GF)  

Vanilla (GF)


Specialty FlaVors 

PB & J (GF) 

Pistachio (GF)

Red Velvet (GF)

Raspberry (GF & DF)

Salted Caramel (GF)

"BE BOLD" JUNE Flavors until June 30th!

Pina Colada (GF) 

Strawberry Cheesecake (GF) 

Key lime Pie (GF) 

Fruity Pebbles (GF)

Cotton Candy (GF)

Vegan FlavorS of the Month 

Vegan PB & J (V) (GF)

(V) (GF)

(V) (GF)

(V) (GF)

(V) (GF)

Custom Macaron Flavors (Pre-order only)
(**Minimum 20 macarons per flavor) 

Have a French macaron flavor idea? Share it here!